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mattmetzger's Journal

1 September
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Time to update this baby.

I'm a writer under the pseudonym of Matthew J. Metzger, living and working in the south of England for the time being. I've just turned twenty-two and am completing my master's degree in London whilst providing part-time care to my mother, and earning pennies on the side in writing. My first novel, Our Last Summer, is undergoing final edits and will be published in February 2013 - watch this space!

Aside from writing, I tend to be found down the local pub, in the gym, at the fencing or Thai boxing club, or on the (shoddy) public transport. I refuse to spend more than four quid on any meal, but will blow a hundred on a new tattoo without thinking twice, and one girlfriend and I were engaged for three months 'to see what her brother would say.' (It wasn't flattering.)

Simple enough, right?